2003-06-06   [papers] and [references]
    Use these two files as examples for writting papers.
    Store them into mypaper.tex and mypaper.bib and then type
        pdflatex mypapaer; bibtex mypaper; pdflatex mypaper; pdflatex mypaper
2002-11-16   [papers]
    Combine the .tex and the .bib file of the final version of the paper before you send it out for publishing.
2002-11-16   [slides]
    This example gives you landscape format for presentation.
    It needs Acrobat Reader.
2003-12-06   [proposal for NSC project] and [references]
    This example is a proposal to NSC for projects.
2010-08-08   [a small example]
    This example includes Chinese using UTF8 encoding.
        Use the same commands to generate .pdf files. Translation to .cjk is not required.
        Type "iconv -f BIG5 -t UTF8 paper.big5.tex -o paper.utf8.tex" to convert from BIG5 encoding to UTF8 encoding.